Who Are We?

IHI DALGAKIRAN Machinery Industry and Trade Inc., IHI and DALGAKIRAN, is a subsidiary of Turbo Compressors. With a history of 165 years, Japan’s heavy industry bridges, industrial machines and factories are able to offer a wide range of services. In Japan, IHI’s market share for turbo compressors is approximately 80%. We make use of the turbo compressor technology of IHI and provide solutions to our users. At this point, our Japanese partner company Technology giant IHI Corporation’s existing technology, a license agreement, we started production in Turkey. With our current R & D activities, we aim to continuously improve our technology and to crown new inventions and patents. 
One of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, DALGAKIRAN COMPRESSOR has developed the worldwide international pressure air sales and service network. DALGAKIRAN compressors worldwide are known for their after-sales service, durability and durability quality.Dilovası Kocaeli DALGAKIRAN IHI, established in Turbo Compressor factory in 2017 increased investments in Turkey. Advanced technology and UAV applications worldwide marketing network DALGAKIRAN, Turkey’s first and only manufacturer Turbo Compressor