Turbo Compressor Features

IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors simplify maintenance and service operations with simple and reliable structures and minimize operating costs. Thus, with its superior technology, IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors are “Your Best Choice” for your business. 

In the production areas, the need for compressed air changes frequently. IHI DALGAKIRAN offers optimal designs for its customers in order to provide the best solution for your production operations. 

IHI DALGAKIRAN turbo compressors are designed and manufactured as lean and durable to reduce maintenance costs. In order to simplify maintenance procedures, IHI DALGAKIRAN has been able to provide stable compressed air supply that will last for years with minimum maintenance costs. 

The use of advanced rotary machine technology ensures first-class energy efficiency. IHI DALGAKIRAN successfully meets the high energy requirements of today’s Turbo Compressors