R&D Department

University-Industry Collaboration

IHI DALGAKIRAN cooperates with expert lecturers within the scope of university-industry cooperation project to provide superior quality products to their R&D users. Our R&D team develops designs that will increase the efficiency of our products by improving their academic competencies within the framework of these collaborations. 

With the Kocaeli University faculty that are expert in their field work, the cooperation project is underway for the largest local and national turbo compressor produced in Turkey the “TRX” model to increase the cooling efficiency of the model is ongoing. To increase the added value of our products, we give importance to R&D projects as a company and as the R&D department. 

Test Center

Thanks to the test center which is equipped with high technology, compressor tests are carried out by conditioning the environment according to the user conditions. In this way, the compressor performance can be simulated at the highest level. During the tests, many parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate are measured with high precision. 

In addition to the capacity of the test center up to 4 Megawatts (MW) in medium voltage and 900 kilowatts (kW) in low voltage, it can operate at voltages of 400 – 10000 Volt (V). In the test center, testing and product development activities of many sub-components such as compressor filter, cooling systems, filtration systems, which are produced locally, are carried out within the scope of localization and nationalization. 

As IHI DALGAKIRAN R&D, we carry out all our tests and analyses with great devotion by prioritizing the development of high value-added products. 


With the trainings organized throughout the year, we aim to improve the professional development of our R&D team, while at the same time increasing the quality of the work done. Thus, we enable our team to discover the aspects open to improvement. As IHI DALGAKIRAN R&D department, we give support and importance to the academic development of our engineers. The trainings given by our Japanese supervisors who are well experienced in their subject contribute to the personal development of our personnel. We increase the diversity of education with our domestic and international trainings and cooperation with universities. 

The main idea underlying all training activities we plan is that; aiming to contribute to the work we do, while also continuing our way for years with our personnel and customers, whom we call our family that are happy with their work. 


Our solutions, thanks to our technology formed by the combination of Japanese and Turkish engineers with meticulousness and harmony; stands out with its easy maintenance facilities, stable and long-lasting designs. In addition to simple and reliable designs, compact package designs are also preferred in our solutions. Thanks to the suction guide valve that controls the air flow with its specially designed blades, the pressure losses during air suction are reduced and the overall efficiency increases significantly. Thanks to our advanced bearing technology, vibration and mechanical losses in our gears rotating at high speeds are minimized and efficiency is increased. Designed with CFD technology, our titanium rotors offer users high efficiency as well as wide operation ranges. The exclusively designed fins of our heat exchangers are also one of the only elements that increase the overall efficiency of our compressors. Our compressors operate as “Oil Free” with the feature of not mixing oil into the pressurized air thanks to the air and oil seals we use. Thanks to the control valves used, our compressors care about the safety of themselves and the user’s facility against possible energy cuts and voltage drops. At the same time, the advanced control panel, which warns and guides the user against such possible situations, makes the compressor easier to use and increases its reliability. 

With its superior technology and after-sales services, IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors are your “Best Choice You Can Make” for your business. 


The heat exchangers that make up the cooling system in compressors are structures that provide cooling while creating compressed air and contribute to the reduction of energy consumption thanks to the cooling. IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors use intermediate stage and last stage heat exchangers. In addition, the use of the last stage heat exchanger may vary in line with the compressed air needs of our customers and optimal designs can be made for our customers. IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressor heat exchangers are produced locally in IHI DALGAKIRAN facilities by integrating both Japanese and Turkish technologies. In the heat exchangers, copper fins and copper tube bundles are used produced with an IHI designed mold system provide maximum heat transfer. Heat exchangers contribute to the production of compressed air that will last for years, as they are long-lasting thanks to their corrosion-resistant structures. At the same time, the heat exchangers, which have a compact design, reduce the maintenance time and costs to a minimum as they enable fast and easy maintenance. 

Patents and Registrations

As IHI DALGAKIRAN R&D center, we give importance to our patent and design registration studies within the scope of our localization and nationalization advancements. In this context, our Turkish Patent and Trademark Office registration process continues for the design registrations of our filter boxes, which are completely domestic design and production, and our patent studies on the removal of the condensate formed in our compressors.