PLC Control Panel

PLC Control Panel

Working Conditions 

Thanks to the special functions in the control panel; all measurements, data and operating conditions can be monitored instantly. The compressor can be controlled automatically or manually. It is designed for local or remote operation. All these functions provide convenience for maintenance and service. 


Trend Graph 

The graphical interface on the control panel allows the operators to see the main trends. This function enables the operators to operate the compressor in the most optimum and efficient conditions and to plan maintenance periods. Critical values such as outlet pressure, motor current, suction temperature vibration levels can be monitored on the trend graphs.

Recall Data 

In the event of a sudden stop or shutdown of the compressor for any reason; the relevant data records are stored in memory together with their occurrence time. This function allows the cause of shutdown / stop or breakdown to be detected quickly.

Causes & Countermeasures 

In case of a breakdown or alarm in the compressor; trips, alarms and possible measures can be easily seen on the control panel display. 


Communication Options 

For data communicationPROFINET protocol is used as the standard. 

PROFIBUS, MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU protocols can be optionally added to the control panel and data communication can be provided.