IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors

New PLC Control Panel

Working Conditions

Thanks to the special functions in the control panel; All measurements, data and operating conditions can be monitored instantly. All these functions provide convenience for maintenance and service.

Trend Chart
There is a graphical interface on the control panel where operators can see the main trends. This function allows operators to operate the compressor under maximum conditions and to plan maintenance periods. Critical values ​​such as output pressure, motor current, suction temperature, vibration levels can be monitored on trend graphs.

Calling Data
In the event of sudden stop or shutdown of the compressor for any reason; the relevant data records are stored in memory together with their realization times. This function allows for the cause of power off / stop or rapid detection of the fault.

Causes & Measures
In case of bit error or alarm on compressor; errors and possible precautions can be seen easily on the control panel display.
Data communication with PROFINET and PROFIBUS support
Modbus RTU communication protocol can also provide data communication.

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