Our Options

Various options, such as the engine start panel and group control panel, are provided by IHI Breakwaters to meet system demands and requirements.

1-) Motor Start Panel 
Depending on the type of motor (low voltage or medium voltage) on the compressor, a starting panel can be provided.

Soft Start Switch Panel 
In order to give way to low voltage and medium voltage motors, the soft starter method is generally preferred. Main advantages
Unlike direct-to-motor or star-delta starting methods, it provides a lower starting current. > Provides reduced current and less electrical stress in motor and mains.
Provides torque control.
Reduces wear and tear on mechanical equipment.
MODBUS RTU protocol allows you to read all network and motor information.
Depending on customer demand and engine power except soft starter; the following types of starting panels are also available as an option:
• Direct Dashboard 
• Star-Triangle Start Panel 
• Reactor Guidance Panel 
• Drive Controlled Start Panel

2-) Group Control Panel 
In cases where more than one compressor is required to be controlled, IHI DALGAKIRAN offers the group control option. The constant pressure control and the combined use of the control panel keep the pressure constant in a wide range of capacities. Energy saving is provided by shortening the idle time.In addition, according to the operating hours of multiple compressors, the co-aging function is also provided by the group control panel. In this way, the total working hours of all compressors are synchronized.