Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission 

At IHI DALGAKIRAN, we work to meet the expectations of our employees, customers and business partners by being respectful towards the individual and society, loyal to law, efficient for energy savings, economy and moral principles and aware of health, safety and environment in the sectors we operate in. 

Our Vision 

Becoming the leading turbo compressor manufacturer in Turkey, maintaining the sustainability as the first choice of the customer with quality of service and product, we aim to be the first We are driven by our core belief that energy is opportunity. As the first and only Centrifugal Turbo Compressor manufacturer of Turkey 

Our Values 

We appreciate the values and the successful business practices that will make us one of the world’s leading turbo compressor machinery company. Social Sustainability for IHI DALGAKIRAN is not just an ideal, but an organizational and management philosophy which influences the vision and mission of the company and the daily work of all business partners and employees.