Optimal Pressure Setting

Optimal Pressure Setting

There are many factors that affect the overall efficiency of the compressor. In addition to using quality and reliable materials, pressure optimization is the most basic application that creates the overall efficiency of the compressor. Pressure optimization in our compressors is based on two main factors; 

Suction Control System Selection 

The air suction guide valve (IGV), which we use as a standard application in all our compressors, optimizes the pressure losses and energy consumption that may occur by controlling the amount and flow of the sucked air thanks to its fins that can move angularly. Using IGV saves about 7% energy compared to other simple valves such as butterfly valves. This significant rate is important considering the annual energy consumption. 

Suction Temperature Selection  

IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors are designed for summer conditions where ambient temperature is 35 °C and relative humidity is 80%. Reducing the ambient temperature and relative humidity will also reduce the power required by the compressor. As a result, the use of external cold air will increase the instant efficiency of the compressor and save energy.