Lean & Reliable

Lean and Reliable

Designed with the power of deep-rooted engineering experience, the impeller provides users with high segment efficiency and wide operating range with the contribution of CFD technology. They are resistant to structural constraints such as corrosion and particle abrasion thanks to Titanium * structures. 


The kinetic energy generated on the air flow as a result of the cyclic movement of the impeller, transforms into potential energy as the flow passes through the diffuser and raises the system pressure. The flow through the diffusers and impellers is simulated in the CFD environment, resulting in a low turbulent, minimum loss and a silent flow profile.  

IGV (Inlet guide valve) 

IGV reduces the intake air and provides a certain amount of capacity control. The control valves have flowing vortex and increase the efficiency of the compressor. 

Tilting Pad Journal Bearing 

In order to ensure high-speed pinion shafts, the radial loads are evenly distributed. They do not require maintenance or replacement under normal operating conditions. 

Labyrinth Seal 

Labyrinth seals are preferred for sealing between pressure chamber and gearbox. Labyrinth seals ensure sealing without contacting the shaft. In this way, the felt eliminates friction losses and does not require maintenance-change.