Integrated Management Policy

IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors 

IHİ DALGAKIRAN adopts quality as a basic philosophy; aims to bring customer satisfaction to the forefront and to meet and exceed customer expectations at every stage of the product and environmental life cycle. With years of experience and revolutionary investments of IHI and DALGAKIRAN companies, IHI DALGAKIRAN; focuses on the quality of its products and services. Turkey’s first and only manufacturer Turbo Compressor proudly bears the title. While keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, IHİ DALGAKIRAN’s main objectives for sustainable growth are as follows; 
• To provide customer satisfaction by providing solutions based on R & D and innovation in line with the needs of Turbo Compressor sector and our customers, 
• To be a dynamic and global company which is preferred in every segment of the market in the field of turbo compressor with our product and service quality, 
• In line with the continuous improvement approach with the participation of all employees, to increase the performance of all our processes to the level that can be competed at international level, 
• To improve the Quality & Environment & OHS performance by continuously improving the integrated management system while fulfilling all the relevant sectoral, legal, other and applicable conditions while complying with and fully complying with compliance obligations, 
• To recognize the skills of all our employees with a human-centered approach, to develop them through planned training activities and to provide them with the necessary resources to fulfill their responsibilities, 
• To provide the necessary resources to ensure the sustainability of integrated management systems, 
• To prevent environmental pollution at source by minimizing waste generation; ensure the internalization of our environmental risks • To make efforts to reduce the use of natural resources by incorporating new, technological, environmentally friendly turbo compressors that comply with the machinery safety regulations in our product portfolio, 
• Protecting the ecosystem by taking into account climate change and sustainable resource use in all of our processes, 
• To raise awareness by cooperating with all our stakeholders on environmental protection, 
• Commits to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, to provide consultancy and participation of our employees and their representatives in all processes, to work on the principle of Zero Work accident, 
As IHI DALGAKIRAN family; Our main principle is to create added value for our partners, society and producers by sharing information, continuously improving our business and processes, in teamwork at every stage of our activities.