IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors

Our HR Policy

Our human resources policy is to create steps & processes to support team-work, innovation, build trust and efficiency while improving the personnel growth & organizational qualifications. In the light of our company vision:.

Business Partner: Human Resources;

• A business partner for our employees & management during their work journey in all processes,
• To create a strong motivation for our emloyees by walking with them in the same direction,
• To expose a customer-focused approach by adopting open door policy.


Highly Motivated and Happy Employees;

• To create & sustain two important values for our company: “teamwork” and “sustainability” by satisfying the social and cultural needs of our employees.
• To encourage our employees to act more participative in our all processes with an equal and fair management approach.
• To create systems that reward success to make our employees more motivated.

Discovering and Evaluating Talents;

Our target is to develop both behavioral and occupational knowledge of our employees to create the best quality products & services to our customers;
• Consequently to find & select qualified and talented employees to our company to reach our strategy and company targets.
• To raise our own managers who is starting from the beginning of their career in our company.
• Looking for employees with in a perspective of continuous improvement, change management skills and learning desire in harmony with our corporate culture.
• Looking for a human resource that have common values, believes in teamwork, fair, honest and innovative.

Work Principles and Ethics

• All employees in IHI DALGAKIRAN have equal rights in the direction of managing the differences.
• Nationality, beliefs, origin, gender, disablement, political views and ages are regarded as diversification in terms of human resources.
• Individuals are never judged for their personal differences.

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