Group Control Panel

System Architecture 

The compressed air line is controlled by the pressure value read from the system pressure sensor in the group control panel. Thanks to its flexible and modular structure, it can control up to 24 compressors. It allows the control of compressors from a single center with the same output pressure, different powers, and capacities. 

Hardware Specifications  

In the group control panel, physical analog and digital signals are used as well as communication signals between the main controller and the turbo compressors. A backup system has been used to monitor the system and to work safely in process control. 


In the group control panel, the discharge pressures of the turbo compressors, IGV opening and closing ratios, main motor currents and system pressure are displayed. In addition, the operating and load/unload states of all compressors in the system can be monitored. 


Through the group control panel, it is possible to operate more than one turbo compressor automatically. The number of turbo compressors on load and online are automatically adjusted according to plant consumption. A significant energy saving is possible this way. Co – aging function ensures that the compressors in the system work for equal periods.