Energy Saving

Bringing together 

Where small and medium-sized compressors are used with a small amount of air flow detection.


The case where a large, powerful compressor is used in combination with a high air fluctuation. 

Optimal Pressure Adjustment

IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo compressors meet the wide range of pressure requirements.

Input Temperature Selection 

IHI DALGAKIRAN compressors are designed for severe summer conditions with an ambient temperature of 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%. Lowering the temperature and humidity corrects the drive power ratio. As a result, the use of external cold air from outside will save energy. 

Control System Selection 

Selection of control system (IGV energy saving effect) The compressor inlet valve (IGV) is angularly changed to reduce the air intake of the impeller. While reducing the flow rate in the use of butterfly valves, causing pressure drops in the inlet air shows us that the use of IGV is a more effective solution. If the output air flow rate remains constant, it will be low in dynamic power.