Technical trip organized jointly by the IMMB and Airworld Magazine

Technical visit jointly organized with the Union of Construction Engineers (İMMB) and Airworld Magazine was held on IHI DALGAKIRAN Dilovası factory.

Around 50 engineers and technical staff from Ankara and Istanbul joined Technical training. After the opening speeches at the technical tour organization which was held with the participation of senior managers, company officials and engineers, a technical presentation was made to the guest delegation by our factory managers. Turbo compressor technology training followed with big interest by all participants. All visitors had chance to be introduced with IHI DALGAKIRAN turbo compressor technology and energy efficiency. After the presentation, the visiting delegation took part in the factory tour and had the opportunity to examine the turbo compressor production on site. In Turkey’s first and only turbo compressor test center located in IMES OSB Dilovası, tests were made on TRA series of Turbo Compressors, and the participants watched them with interest and appreciation. IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo compressors got full marks from the participants with its superior technology and solutions specific to businesses with high energy efficiency.